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One of the biggest challenges people have with their social networking is attracting rabid fans to engage and buy from their business. In today’s digital society, having a Facebook fan page is one of those “probably should” have items for your marketing and branding list.

Now, just having alone is not enough. You do have to grow the fan page and engage users, which we will discuss in an after social networking minute “minute”. Whoo!

Social Networking Minute: Set Up A Facebook

Fan Page

Now that you have followed this step by step guide to setting up a Facebook fan page, please understand that this one action will not drive in massive amounts of business. You now have to take an active part in making sure that your page can actually work for you.

Just like any other marketing or sales, building your social media presence does take and effort to work.  Instead of just repeating myself, learn more about Creating an Effective Facebook Fan Page.

If you then decide this is simply too much work we are here to rescue you as well. Check out our Custom Facebook Fan Page offer to learn about how you can spice up your Facebook page for clients and prospects.  Please note: I could not resist having fun with an iframe plugin I just got.

This concludes a social networking minute of awesomeness, as we help you set up a Facebook fan page.