Some cool news about scheduled Facebook posts has occurred just in time for this week’s social networking minute. Facebook is finally allowing Facebook page admins to schedule Facebook posts on the site. This is a monumental shift for the social network. It also represents a great opportunity for smaller pages to keep up with the posts that larger sites have and be consistent in their posting.

Part of the reason I like automation tools like this is because you do not have to stand guard over your fan page all day long. As business owners we should not be expected to watch every fan page every minute. Or post regularly when we have other duties we must attend to. Now we schedule Facebook posts in advance and get back to business. Perfect!

Social Networking Minute: Schedule Facebook Posts

I think this marks a huge step forward for Facebook actually helping fan page owners market their site. Additionally with these new tools it will be easier than ever to plan ahead for different events and just regular posts to help keep up with their fans. The other aspect of this is that you can actually have different level of admins to do your posts. Which is great if you have a VA that you want to do posting for you.

Now, I want to know from you. How will you use the new feature to schedule Facebook posts that drive your traffic to your business?