Retweeting is such an easy task to work on everyday to build relationships. Yet, how many of you actually use retweeting on a regular basis to create the valuable connections needed to build you business? (Dramatic Pause…Wait For Effect) That is what I thought!

It is also the reason why this week’s social networking minute will be focusing on retweeting your network to increase the relationships you have with your network.

Shall we begin? (crickets) Great!

Social Networking Minute: Retweeting

Therefore, a most serious question has occurred to me.  Why would you wait to start retweeting others? Is there something stopping you? Do you not see the benefit in helping others by retweeting their content and making them beholden to your every whim? Ha Ha Ha!

Oops! Do not forget to remove the evil. What? Their is no evil laugh removal anymore? Then put it on the grocery list.

OK! Evil plans aside, for those who care about building profitable relationships through social networking then the retweet is a valuable tool in your conquest.