This week’s social networking minute will demonstrate how to outline a blog post in less than one minute. Outlining your blog post is one of those quick and easy methods to increase your chances of creating a quality post that will be remembered and shared.

To understand this in more depth, check out the social networking minute video below.

Outline A Blog Post In One Minute

To review, how does outlining a blog post help your blog.

First, this is good for those looking to outline their blog posts quickly. I generally feel better about what I write when I have a structure to fill out. Outlining the post achieves that goal for me.

Second, it speeds up the article pace. When I know what I want to write about, I can have a rough draft of 500 words finished in about 15-30 minutes. Most people spend an hour writing the 500 words. My goal is to write 500 words in 15 minutes and then spend 45 minutes editing my article. Or better yet, outsource the editing work to a VA. I hate editing. Who wants to spend time focusing on everything you did wrong. Yuck!

Third, you can fill in the gaps later. An outline will not cover all information. Henceforth, the word “outline.”  Otherwise, it would be called a final draft. Duh! Cover the basics, and the details will work themselves out. Writing is so much like life in this respect.

In conclusion, outlining your blog post helps you write a better blog for your readers.


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