Mental preparation in business is key. So often on this blog we discuss the hows of business and marketing online that I thought we could take a minute out and discuss the mental side of the business as well. Making sure your head is in the game so to speak is crucial for a successful business. It is also very important for a balanced life.

Below is a mental preparation exercise that I use that is extremely simple and easy to use at anytime of the day, whatever social network I am on, or in this case, whatever presentation I might be giving. I promise you that I am not a zen master, but the exercise does help me relax when I am at my most uppity moments of the day.

However, going for a car ride and just screaming at no one always helps as well!

The good news is that this is one of my shorter videos: 1 minute and 20 seconds. No thrills or chills, just good clean information.

Social Networking Minute: Mental Preparation

Mental Preparation made easy. I hope this quick exercise helps you understand how the power of breathing is extremely strong. Take deep breathes when you face something yucky in your life.

Take even deeper breathes when you face something awesome in your life. Be the zen master of your daily existence. I am sure you will even wow  yourself in the end with that type of attitude.

So, this begets the question. What mental preparation exercises do you use on a daily basis to help you become the zen master of your life?