You are in for a rollicking, good time this week as we discuss how to use LinkedIn updates with their new tagging feature. Yes, LinkedIn has finally caught up with every other social network, and added tagging to their updates. Welcome to the modern age LinkedIn, as we explore this fascinating topic for the first time ever…on the Social Networking Minute. Rock on, Party Hard, and Let the Minute Not Pass You By!

Wowzers! I am so poetic!

Social Networking Minute: LinkedIn Updates

Social Networking Minute: LinkedIn Update What Does This Mean?

I thought it was kind of funny that LinkedIn specifically pointed out this new update to their system to me today when I went onto my account. That meant I had to share it with everyone to join in on the humor. Personally, I would have snuck the feature in their, and not said a word when I was that late to the party.

However, LinkedIn boldly announced this change to their system, so we must give them a Golf Clap for that action! Golf Clap! Moment over!

Onwards, and upwards! Now that you have this amazing feature, great changes will happen in your life. Or it might just go on as normal. Either way, I thought this new feature earned a spot on the Social Networking Minute.

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This concludes your social networking minute on LinkedIn Updates!