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This week’s social networking minute covers how a very complicated topic: LinkedInRelationships! Ooh! I know we are making things difficult for you by actually showing you how to create valuable relationships with your LinkedIn connections. Pity the thought!

If you could not read through the lines here (which I made so stinking big there is no way you did not), then let me explain.

Most Businesses do not follow up with their connections on LinkedIn.

Or Facebook.

Or Twitter.

In fact, most businesses do not follow up on social networks at all. They know that follow up is important, but somehow forget along the way that they need to treat social networking the same way they would a contact at a networking event. You connect with someone and then you look to get them to connect back with you.

Afterwards, you follow up and build a relationship. Banish the thought! I know! Well, that is exactly what I discuss below in the social networking minute.

Social Networking Minute: LinkedIn Relationships

As you might have noticed, LinkedIn relationships are not based upon a one shot contact. Instead, they take time to develop. Some of my best contacts and joint venture partners have come from these type of connections. I recommend you test this out for a few days and let me know what you think.

To help you get started, I have included below the letter I use for my connections. Please change this to fit your needs.

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I am making a conscious effort to re-connect with my network on LinkedIn. If you have 15 minutes for a quick phone call feel free to call me in the next day or two. My number is 847-710-7093.

Or let me know what number I should call you at? Either way.

Look forward to speaking with you soon!


Let me know how your efforts go to re-connect with your LinkedIn connections.

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Ok! What are you waiting for? Go create LinkedIn Relationships!