With a New year, comes one of the most exciting segments of social networking: The Social Networking Minute. Every week the social networking minute dives into how to use simple social networking strategies in less than one minute. Today’s one minute focuses on LinkedIn groups.

I was looking back to 2011 at some of my posts and I came upon one that I did in February: 1 Minute Social Networking Strategy. The idea is that social networking does not have to be complicated. Instead, with a little bit of finesse, you get your social networking working in no time at all.

Now, I will not tell you that you will suddenly achieve massive, viral traffic and business in that one minute. However, you can lay down a very strong foundation with just a little bit of time.

This week we focus on how to use LinkedIn Groups. The idea here is quick and clean comments to engage people through social networking that I must complete before the clock runs out…literally. There is a clock that runs out. Take a look at the first social networking minute below. It will take nary a minute!

Social Networking Minute-LinkedIn Groups

As you can see, LinkedIn groups is part of a standard social networking strategy where you connect with people and build a real relationship. Like any other business activity, it will take time to master and garner results. Until then, keep connecting, commenting, sharing, and engaging with your network on LinkedIn groups.

You have up to 50 groups you can join, so make sure you strategically find the right groups that fit your services.

Social Networking Minute

I hope you enjoyed our head first, no water in the pool dive into LinkedIn groups today. Simple posts like the one I just did can help you grow your business exponentially if you just keep at it minute by minute. If you have any further questions on how to use LinkedIn groups for your business, schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me today at SmartAtTheStart.Com