Have you used JetPack by WordPress. JetPack is the super charged plugin developed by WordPress at the end of 2011. For most of the plugins history, developers and users alike have derided a large part of the plugin, because it is bulky and with so many functions on there it can interrupt with other plugins and themes.

I will be the first to say that not all of these issues have been addressed, but this plugin is so much smoother than the bulky version they used to have.

The plugin has so many useful features, like spelling and grammar functions,  contact forms, image galleries, and 20 other features for your WordPress blog.  The video below shows you how easy it is to incorporate the plugin into your blog.

Quick note: After reviewing my plugins, I was able to eliminate 2-3 plugins just with JetPack by WordPress. The fewer plugins you have, the more likely your site will load quicker.

Social Networking Minute: JetPack By WordPress

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