For this social networking minute we cover a rather mundane, yet awesome topic: How To Manage Your Outlook Email! How do you manage the flow of your email on Outlook to be more efficient in your communications with others.

Often on this blog we discuss the power of communication to build your business. Never is that more important than in your one on one conversations with prospects and clients.

As I discussed yesterday, I like to minimize my offline interactions when possible. All too often we end up meeting people who are time wasters when we could be helping our current clients with their challenges. For me connecting with people via email and phone helps me remove some of the communication barriers from the lack of face to face relationship building.

It all starts with having a management system in place to connect with people properly. I have always been a big advocate of using my Outlook as the place where I communicate with prospects, because it is just so easy to organize my sales and project management efforts from there when done correctly.

Social Networking Minute: How To Manage Your Outlook Email

How do you manage your Outlook emails?