This week’s social networking minute discusses how to use Google Plus shared circles to connect with your target market on Google Plus quickly and easily. Arguably one of the best features of Google Plus is how they help organize your social network into circles. These circles help you talk with different groups quickly and easily throughout the platform.

One of the recent developments allows users to share their Google lists with others. Essentially, if you have a tight network of people you are connected with, and want someone else to connect with them you can share your circle with them.

For a marketer this is a dream come true. You find shared circles that other marketers have created to connect with your target market.

Social Networking Minute: Google Plus Shared Circles

This is an easy exercise to use to connect with your target market. Just make sure that you do not go crazy and just connect with people. Remember that once you connect you need to start building a relationship with those who reach out to you.

You can do this through a number of different ways, including creating great content, calling people, helping those in your circle solve their problem, and just being there and a part of the conversation.

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