This weeks social networking minute is going to cover a new feature out of the many that Google Plus added in the recent update of their site. While the feature definitely has a more Pinterest type look to the site, they did add a number of cool new features. The one that I want to talk about is Google Events. Yes, we did talk about Google Plus Events on a previous Social Networking Minute this year. However, they finally, and I say this with emphasis! They finally added Google Hang Out On Air to the Google Event page options. This was something that seriously needed to be addressed in the previous edition.

While, I am still not sure about some of the dizzying new moves that Google makes on other fronts, I have to say that their hang out system is far and away the coolest video conferencing system around. My respect and admiration for the Hang Out team knows no bounds. Some of the things that I am using Google Hang Out on Air for are mind boggling. Probably another blog post.

However, for today let’s focus on the feature that I am discussing. In this brief, yes, brief Social Networking video below I discuss how to use this new feature on Google+

New Google Plus Hang Out On Feature with Google Plus Events

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This concludes your social networking on Google Plus Events With A touch of Google Plus Hang Out On Air!