Google just released their new Google Plus Communities. This is the social networks group feature to go along with the other social features for Google Plus. We will explore the community feature in this week’s Social Networking Minute.

I recommend you log onto your Google plus account as we go through the video below, so you can quickly get started with the new Google Plus Communities. They are simple to join, interact, and create. Perfect place to make some great connections.

Social Networking Minute: Google Plus Communities

Google Plus Communities Review

First, here is the Social Media Community I create on Google Plus from the video.

Second, this is a cool feature to the site. It might be one of the best they have used to help people connect with each other on the social network. My only question is what took them so long to create Google communities. It just seems like something you would create at the start to help people connect with each other.

The feature actually makes more sense than the convoluted Google Plus Pages, which are confusing to navigate and understand with the Google Plus Local interface.

I hope this helped you have a greater understanding of how the Google Plus Communities work.  Looking forward to seeing you in a community sometime in the near future. What are your thoughts on the new communities?

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This concludes your Social Networking Minute On Google Plus Communities.