Google+ Local is Google’s newest version of Google Places. Created in May of this year to help business owners with their local search traffic, it has caused some confusion and excitement with businesses and marketers over the world. Fret not, however, because in a social networking minute we will vanquish some of these fears from your life thereby restoring your sense of peace and order when using Google+ Local. Or if that does not work, at least you will have a better understanding of how Google+ Local works.

Social Networking Minute: Google+ Local Tutorial

Update: 3/15/13-If you ever have any questions on how to use Google+ Local for your own business let us know how we can help. This local search feature is helping millions of small businesses be found on Google searches around the world. Go to our Contact Me Page and let me know how to help.

This concludes our social networking minute. To learn more about Google+ Local and other social networks register for our free social networking video tutorial below.