On a beautiful Friday morning we decided to amp up the phase and create a Google+ Local Business page to show you how you can set it up, and how this page can be useful to your business.

Google+ Local Business

Google+ Local Business Uses

Now that you know how to set up your new Google+ Local page, let’s talk about the uses of Google+ Local for business owners.

First, Google+ Local is a great place for local consumers to find your products. Just like Google Places showed the map of local stores in your area when you were doing Google searches, Google+ Local is sharing your information via Google search and also in Google+ itself.

Second, this means that making your business more sociable through Google+ for local business owners is more crucial than ever. It is no longer just a matter of getting a few reviews and posting it up there to get good rankings. Instead, Google+ is making business owners create social networks around their Google+ page complete with reviews and interactions from consumers.

Third, it means that true local search is dead. I know a lot of business owners who staked their business traffic to their website on backlinks and keywords. Google+ Local is slowly killing that notion, because businesses can not just hope that people find them on the first page of Google anymore. Instead, a full blown campaign to involve your customers and get their social network involved in your business is needed to get your business traction.

Have you use Google Local in your business? How do you see Google local business helping you find new clients?