Social Networking Minute: Empire Avenue Missions

For this week’s social networking minute, we are going to focus on Empire Avenue Missions. Empire Avenue is one of those unique social networks that understands the value of connections. In fact, they understand it so well that they created their entire social network to work around the idea of people investing in each other.

empire avenue missionsWhat is also amazing about this social network is that when you invest in people and grow your portfolio you can also use that money (called Eav’s) to pay for missions. Missions are great, because they can help you launch a fan page quicker (think about pressing a button and having 25 fans in order to get your vanity url or having a great post retweeted).

The number of uses for this are limitless. However, before you understand what to use it for, you have to know how to use it. This social networking minute shows you the basics of empire avenue missions in our favorite one minute format.

Now, that you are learning how to use Empire Avenue, what type of Empire Avenue missions would you create?


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8 thoughts on “Social Networking Minute: Empire Avenue Missions”

  1. As you describe, missions are still a new feature on Empire Avenue and therefore they are still coming with a few flaws. The major flaw, however, comes from the players themselves, cheating. That’s the reason why you only got three subscribers. You ask people to do something for pay, and they take the pay, but don’t follow through. If you would go on Craigslist and offer someone to paint your kitchen for $200.00 and the person would take the money, but not paint your kitchen, what would you call this?

    Empire Avenue knows about this problem and is working on a solution, well, something that will help prevent cheating. Some people will always have an idea on how to get around.

    My experience is this: Since I contact the cheaters and leave a hint that cheating is wrong in my mission, the number of these ridiculous people has become much smaller in my missions. I only run missions with ten slots and with that it is easy to control who does the right thing. I started keeping a list of cheaters, including documentation, and if it becomes too bad, I will keep my options open on what I am going to do with it.

    What I personally find most disturbing is the fact that many of these cheaters are indirectly supported by leaders of the game. If the major players would take a stand on this, it would be different. It looks like confronting a problem is not for everyone.

    Besides of a few other features Empire Avenue has, missions can be the bread and butter for this company (EA). Missions can help businesses of all sizes to improve their social media activities and results and are therefore a valuable tool, for all of us. It is kind of sad that we let this happen.

    For now, my recommendation is to run missions with a low number of slots and check who is following through. Contact the cheaters and your numbers will improve. Run a test, if you want.

    1. Amrik,

      You are absolutely right that there will always be cheaters. However, the vast majority of the users will be honest. The cheaters will get their own karma. The ones who do right will be remembered.

      I like your idea of a low number of slots.


  2. Once the Empire option has begun, you can work on your businesses exclusively or in between regular game missions..

  3. It knows about this problem and is working on a solution, well, something that will help prevent cheating. Some people will always have an idea on how to get around.

  4. I think joining this network has a good cause. Hope this will be a success. I am excited to join this and see how this can benefit…

  5. Hi Andy,

    great to see your version of how to create a mission on Empire Avenue.

    I did one to help a friend to get views on his You Tube video.

    Empire is a great way to connect with people and get more exposure. Missions are great for that!

    Thank you so much for your post and video!


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