For this week’s social networking minute, we are going to focus on Empire Avenue Missions. Empire Avenue is one of those unique social networks that understands the value of connections. In fact, they understand it so well that they created their entire social network to work around the idea of people investing in each other.

empire avenue missionsWhat is also amazing about this social network is that when you invest in people and grow your portfolio you can also use that money (called Eav’s) to pay for missions. Missions are great, because they can help you launch a fan page quicker (think about pressing a button and having 25 fans in order to get your vanity url or having a great post retweeted).

The number of uses for this are limitless. However, before you understand what to use it for, you have to know how to use it. This social networking minute shows you the basics of empire avenue missions in our favorite one minute format.

Now, that you are learning how to use Empire Avenue, what type of Empire Avenue missions would you create?


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