Want to show you some quick Firefox Add-ons you can use for a quick website analysis. I use these on a regular basis to do check-ups on my blog and other websites. The video below is a walk-through of how to use these add-ons. If you scroll down then you will see the links for the add-ons that I use.

Social Networking Minute: Cool Firefox Add-Ons For Website Analysis

The SEO Tool can be found on the FireFox Add-Ons section under the tools menu at the top of your browser. Do a search, and you will find a number of different SEO tools.

HubSpot Grader Bookmarklet Link: This was the grader where I got an 82 out of 100 for my blog. You can use this on any site.

How do you analyze your site?


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See you next week for the same social networking minute! Same bat channel! This concludes our cool Firefox Add-Ons section for Website Analysis.