This social networking minute will nerd it up as we discuss how to change your Twitter header. Fear not! The geekiness of changing the newly created Twitter Header will be controlled to short bursts of equal adulation and cursing. Come to think about it, I did not curse once in the entire video. I must be slipping.

Social Networking Minute: Changing Your Twitter Header



Social Networking Minute: Do You Need Help With Your Twitter Header?

As you can see the new Twitter header is extremely easy to set up and easy to mess up if all the parts are not correct. Just take your time and do not set up your Twitter header in a Social Networking Minute.  Your followers will appreciate you taking the time to get your header set up correctly.

For those who are interested this is a service we can offer to our clients. Feel free to contact us at AndyNathan.Net/Contact-Me to see how we can help you with your Twitter design.

Did you enjoy the Twitter Header that we created for the social networking minute? Post below, also let me know what your favorite Twitter headers are?