This week’s social networking minute is a basic walk through of how to change your domain name servers. This is useful if you buy your domain on one site, and then host the site with a different company. I bought my domain with GoDaddy, and now want to host the site with HostGator, where  I have a reseller hosting account.

Social Networking Minute: Changing Domain Name Servers

As you can see from the video above, changing your Domain name servers is really easy. It is vitally important, however, if you have two separate hosting companies. Make sure to keep everything straight, and you will be good to go.

If you do require help with changing your domain name servers then I have a special offer for you. Sign up for either my Basic Hosting or Advanced Hosting packages, I will set up your domain name servers for you, and also do a basic WordPress install. The different for your clarification is that the basic hosts one domain, while the advanced has unlimited domains up to 10000 MB in disk space.  If you have any questions on the hosting Contact Me.

Now, that the selling portion of this blog post is over, make sure that you comment below about what questions, thoughts, ideas you have about changing your domain name servers for your own site.