The Buffer App Toolbar on Firefox is at the heart of this week’s Social Networking Minute. This is a really cool syndication tool that helps you schedule content from blog posts throughout the day. You determine which social networks get the content, and at what times throughout the day.

This walk-through assumes that you already have the Firefox or Chrome app to quickly Buffer blog posts throughout the day. However, if you do not you can quickly install this. The link here provides all the places where you can add the Buffer tool.

Social Networking Minute: Buffer App Toolbar Walk-Through

As you can see this is a simple tool to use for your social sharing. The Buffer App tool on Firefox is becoming one of my favorite toolbars next to my SEO, LastPass, and Stumbleupon toolbars. Maybe next week I can go through some of the other toolbars that I have not discussed to give you a good idea of how these toolbars help me navigate the web quickly. In the meantime, I want to know your thoughts on the Buffer App.

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This concludes this week’s Social Networking Minute episode on the Buffer App Toolbar.