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In this week’s social networking minute, we will explore the mysterious world of blog commenting. Looking at the dark underbelly. Or we will just have some good old fashioned fun connecting with people on their blog.Either Way!

In this post, we will be doing a blog comment in less than one minute. Please note: We did read through the post ahead of time, so it might take another minute or two to actually read the post. However, this is a very quick activity that you can do to increase backlinks to your site, develop relationships with other bloggers, and learn more about varying topics.

Social Networking Minute: Blog Commenting

Social Networking Minute: Blog Commenting Analyse

The blog comment that I made was on DewaneMutunga.com. This post was designed to help  readers understand that blog commenting is not as hard as people make it out to be.

Plus, the benefits of blog commenting are tremendous. With a few comments you can change the nature of a relationship with another blogger. Learn about how to work with them, connect with them in a meaningful way, and also maybe inspire them t reach out to you as well.

Additionally, while you are building the relationship one on one with somebody else you are also building backlinks to your website, which can help you with additional long term traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

So, now the big social networking minute question: How often do you use blog commenting to reach out to other bloggers?