You need to back up your WordPress Baby! I mean your WordPress blog is your baby, not you baby, baby! Oops, I did it again! This way no one can play with your WordPress blog’s heart and soul: it’s content.  This post is about ensuring your WordPress blog is safe. In order to do this we look at three different ways of backing up your sites content and code.

Social Networking Minute: Back Up Your WordPress Baby

Too be on the same page, here are the three tools that I used today for backing up my site.

WordPress Export: This is a default backup WordPress has on all sites to export your content and pages.

WordPress Back Up By Blog Traffic Exchange (BTE): This is great for automated backups of all your WordPress content and tables. Everything gets emailed to you every day, week, and/or month.

WordPress Backup: Another WordPress plugin I use for automated WordPress backups to your site. You can also download the site if you want to have a file backup on your computer.  As you noticed in the video above, this process does take a few minutes, so make sure to have the screen open when you do the backup.

Having a back up for your WordPress blog can bring you a lot more peace of mind. Plus, all of the plugins discussed above are free, so you have no excuse now not to back up your wordpress site.

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This concludes your social networking minute, please remember to fasten all seatbelts and back up your WordPress site baby!