Let’s create personalized Auto-Responders on Aweber. Say what? Let’s personalize the auto-responder emails you put out to your email list with information that is not only interesting, but also valuable to your readers. You too can prevent email boredom!

Social Networking Minute: Aweber Personalized Auto-Responders

Most people believe that creating an auto-responder is about crafting good information that people can use for their XYZ problem. They are partially correct. What an auto-responder also does is showcase your personality, so potential prospects are encouraged to work with you over a relationship that bonds after reading so much about your subject knowledge.

The more you build a relationship with people in your email marketing the more you can engage them to use your services. The two go together like apple pie and ice cream. When mixed it is so sweet!

Therefore, stop your professional jargonizing of the English language, and start being yourself in all of your communications. You will be surprised how many people work with you, because they like you! Ooh! What a concept!


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This concludes our social networking minute enlightenment on how to create personalized Auto-responder emails on Aweber.