For this weeks social networking minute we will focus on Article Checker and Copyscape. These plagiarism checkers are great for spotting duplicate posts. One of the things that I want to ensure on this blog is that the content is unique. While there are a few items occasionally that can be shared, the majority of the content should be unique to this site.

Especially with the Google Penguin updates, too much duplicate content can be extremely risky to your search traffic.

That is exactly why in this social networking minute we evaluate a future blog post on this site to determine if the content is unique.

Social Networking Minute: Article Checker & Copyscape

These are really simple tools for you to use to enhance your guest blogs. They allow you to quickly and easily make sure that you have the right people writing your blog posts. It is a comfort that this information has been checked, and I am free from any spammers looking to take advantage of the content on this site.

Just a heads up that Article checker is free, but not as good as Copyscape. Copyscape is $10 for 200 checks. This lasts a very long time. The last time I had to refill my account was at least 6 months ago.

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This concludes your social networking minute look into Article Checker & Copyscape.