Over the past year, I have discussed a number of different strategies for successfully using social networking marketing to build your sales funnel online. It is great to create a system that will continually help you achieve your goals in business and in life. Few tools are more helpful for a business than the right social networking marketing mix. Finding that mix will help you locate the millions and millions of prospects around the globe.

After all, you here on this blog to learn how to more effectively use social networking to build your business, so you can have the life you always wanted. What better way to do this then to systematize your efforts for maximum success.

Explore the mix below and get a better idea of how to use social networking marketing to improve your sales. This short video goes through the entire online sales cycle.

Social Networking Marketing Funnel

So now that you are social networking marketing whizzes, what are your thoughts on building the correct funnel? How would you use social networking to help you effectively build your business? If you have been using social networking marketing already, what would you have done differently when you started?