As we enter the next month or so of holidays, I thought it would only be appropriate to provide you with some social networking holidays tips for how to use these festive times to help your customers and your business.

Therefore, we introduce the social networking holidays rules for the road to give you the guidance you want to help bring in additional networking opportunities.

Social Networking Holidays Rules Of The Road

  1. The first thing to note is whether your product or service is seasonal. If you sell candy’s like the Illinois Nut & Candy does. By the way, awesome caramel clusters. Then your goal right now is to turn these social networking encounters with prospects into immediate sales. These are the holidays when people are ready to indulge. Treat them with respect in your online dealings and you will see some extra purchases come your way as long as you have put in the effort.
  2. If you are not a seasonal company. By that, I mean social networking consulting is not seasonal. People can use my services all year long, then you need to be respectful of the holidays, but continue on with your normal activities. My blogging will not stop through the holidays, neither will my services. It is OK to take time off, like I will be tomorrow, but for the majority of the time make sure that you have the business as usual routine working for you.
  3. Make sure that you start using your social networking holidays as a time to also prepare for the new year. Right now, I am gearing up my new membership site, so we can pre-launch in December to an exclusive few and then do a full launch in January.
  4. The biggest problem with holidays are the put offs. You know the one, “I would love to talk with you now about this, but I can not think about this until after the holidays.” This is the time when they feel most content with the excuses of tomorrowism. So, how do we combat tomorrowism?

We sweeten the pot.  For example, what I am offering to all prospects and current clients who are interested between now and Christmas Day is a 50% discount on backlinks to their blog. I will provide them with 300 directory backlinks, which are from different directories, such as Alexa, DMOZ, and other similar sites.

Normally my company charges $150 for this, but for the holidays and those who act now we will create 300 directory back links for only $75.  These are links that we manually submit by hand to different directories over the course of 2 weeks to make your efforts look natural.

Please remember that this offer is only good until December 25th, and is designed to help you get additional traffic to your blog and/or website.

Let us know if you have any questions below in the comments.


In the meantime, keep on with the social networking holidays work. Hope your social networking holidays are fun and also productive!