Just the social networking facts ma’am! And do not skimp on the sociasocial networking icons for beakersl networking facts either!

 So here is the deal during the weekend we deal a lot in different ways to use social networking. I like to do a check from time to time to make some headway on the why of social networking.

Social Networking Facts!

Facebook Social Networking Facts

  • The average Facebook user has 130 Facebook friends
  • On average 50% of the 750 Million Facebook users go on every day.
  • Mobile Facebook users are twice as active as non-mobile users.

Twitter Social Networking Facts

  • Twitter has crossed the 200 Million Mark (Yet Most people still are clueless as to what a Tweet really is?)
  • 52% of users check their account everyday
  • 5% of all Twitter users create 75% of the content.
  • There are 1 Billion Tweets every week or 138,888 every minute

LinkedIn Social Networking Facts

  • LinkedIn has over 120 million users
  • 80% of all companies use LinkedIn to recruit
  • LinkedIn has executives from every Fortune 500 company on their site.

Youtube Social Networking Facts

  • Over 3 Billion Videos are viewed everyday
  • 70% of Youtube Traffic comes from outside the US
  • 48 Hours of Video are uploaded every minute and 8 years are uploaded in a day.

Foursquare Social Networking Facts

  • They have over 10 Million Users
  • 3 Million check-ins happen every day
  • There are over 500,000 using the business platform
  • Only 4% of US adults use Foursquare at this time.

Blogging Social Networking Facts

  •  Wordpress now has over 55 Million registered blogs through just WordPress.com
  • Over 290 Million internet users view over 2.5 Billion pages every month
  • WordPress.com adds 500,000 posts with an additional 400,000 comments every day.

So there you have it! The social networking facts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, and blogging. Go forth and use these social networking facts wisely!