Just spit-balling a little here, but I will take a guess that no one here has had a true social networking emergency? Realistically how can you have a social networking emergency that just wipes you out? I see the critics mind slowly coming up with a repository of objections here as I create a social networking emergency within themselves and me. It is OK for you to attempt to go into the comment section on this one and curse me out for being wrong. I will return with a hail of my own fire, but I am pretty darn sure that no one here has ever had a true social networking emergency.

Before that point I ask my detractors to please give me a moment before you either scroll down to the bottom and blast me or scroll up to the top and block this site. No wait! Do not exit it is a social networking emergency!

Fooled You!

The truth is that Clint Maki and I were on Skype this morning discussing fun tales of real estate and one of the things that I had mentioned to him was that there were no real social networking emergencies like there were in real estate. It was a lot less pressure if the article I wrote today did not get finished. The earth still went around the sun.

Now, that is not to say that you do not want to give yourself deadlines for different projects and also stick to to those deadlines as much as humanly possible (warning: alien discrimination).

My contention is that there are no social networking emergencies aside from the occasional blasting that could go viral. Heck if you are in business and have not been publicly defiled once by a crazed ex-employer or outrageous client then you have not really been around long enough to know what your business does right and wrong.

While those moments of truth do come from time to time I will tell you from experience that they generally are forgotten with tomrorrow’s news. Just to be clear, I live in the United States. The same country that one year after 9/11 sort of lost interest in terrorism and started a 7 year crusade against George Bush as they mocked his axis of evil. 3,000 dead only provided unity for one year before all he** broke loose and it was back to business as usual.

So, what does this mean for you if there are no more social networking emergencies?

It means that everyday you will have to give it your all and not just go from fire to fire.

It means that you give quality estimations of your work so that projects get done as closely to when you said they would as you could and sometimes earlier then promised. Under promise and over deliver is a personal weakness of mine that I am always looking to rectify. It is amazing how fast time flies when it does not even have wings.

Henceforth, and theretofore I would like to state that a social networking emergency is a bit of a fallacy left over from the years of fires that we have put out in other worlds and lands. Let there be from this day forth no fires on the lands of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and WordPress.  We shall honor our sacred pledge to make sure that we do our bit everyday to connect with people and provide a little bit more value than the day before.

So, begone you heathen Social Networking Emergency and go plague others who have naught the wisdom to read this blog or decided to click the vaunted X at the top of this tab.