What if you can meet all the contact you believed that you would need to set up a successful business now? What would you do? Would you be excited? Would you be scared? There is a trend occurring today that has allowed this dream scenario to come to life. Social networking has allowed people to connect like never before. Networks that people are developed today were unheard of, even five to ten years ago, are now becoming commonplace.

So let’s look at the reasons why this is happening. First, going online to connect with prospects and partners has taken away some of the fear in meeting people. You no longer have to worry about what someone thinks about what you’re wearing, how long your hair is, or how you fidget when bored listening to a speaker. Instead, you network in the relatively safe confines of your computer and just connect with people.

Secondly, you not only have the opportunity, but it is there on a daily basis. I connect with hundreds of people every day. Granted, some of them I will never talk, and most of them I will not develop a business relationship. The challenge is that I do not know which person will become important to my business, so I look to connect with them all and figure out the good from the bad.

People always talk about quality versus quantity. I believe that you can have both. How are you ever get to find out if they are the quality contact that you need to take your business to the next level, if you put up boundaries that do not allow these people to enter your sphere of influence. So every day, I feel I have hundreds of prospects, business partners, suppliers, and friends to enter my life. It is my responsibility to determine where I believe they will fit in, and determine who is a valuable contact for what I’m doing.

One of the worst things that ever happened to businesses was privacy control. People believe that now there is something people can not see about you, because they are not worthy. You want privacy control, do not put the information online. Everything should be fair game for your prospects to determine how they can use your services and what type of person you are.

Third, I now have a way to connect with them every day through my blog, Facebook account, Fan page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts. The potential is unlimited for creating solid contacts everyday. The only limit is what you are willing to do to keep the relationship moving forward.

I started off this article asking what would happen if you can meet all the contact you believed that you would need to set up a successful business now. What would you do? Well, I will give you my version of what I have experienced. I have created deeper, and longer relationships that have started out with a solid foundation for creating a long term profits. May the same happen to everyone who reads this article.