Understanding social networking demographics is crucial to learning how to market to your customers on social networking. A few months ago, I did a study on Social Networking Statistics that showed how there are currently 900 million users on the top four social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn). The social networking demographics of these sites is a testament to how far social networking participation has come in the past few years, plus an interesting study in how to best market your business online.

Social Networking Demographics For The Big Three

LinkedIn is a great social network for corporate execs and professionals looking to connect with other business professionals. As I have said in the past, LinkedIn is the social network that always makes me feel weird when I am not wearing a tie when networking at this site. The site has an older, more affluent market. That should not come as a surprise, since the vast majority of users on this site are business professionals. This means when you are looking at which social networking demographics are best for marketing to business professionals, you need to be on this site.

On the other hand, Twitter is getting younger. At least that is what is happening with the breakdown of Twitter users on the site from 2009 to 2010. Twitter was originally a site that was more predominant among Gen X adults. However, as Twitter went mainstream in 2010 it shifted to a more youthful audience. A year ago, none of my and my wife’s Gen Y cousins were on Twitter. Now that all of their baby boomer parents are on Facebook they go to Twitter to get away from the parents who do not understand the purpose of using Twitter. My prediction is that will probably change as their parents dive into Twitter in 2011 as they are told by the few friends currently on the site that they have to use Twitter, just like they were told they needed Facebook last year.

That leads to the biggest social networking demographics breakdown of all: Facebook. Determining the demographics of 600 million users or 1/3 of all internet users is going to be mixed at best. Due to it’s size, you have a complete hodgepodge of different demographics. I tell all of my clients that if you are looking for any market, you will find your target market on Facebook. There are just too many people to limit Facebook to any one social networking demographics. As I mentioned earlier, parents have been going on Facebook. The fastest growing segment of Facebook are the 55 plus demographic, according to ComScore.The largest segment of Facebook is Gen X, which is a long way off from the original college only social network that The Facebook was when it was created.

Understand the social networking demographics between the biggest social networks is what will help you find the right niche to market your product.