Social networking has become a central method of both communication and promotion in the business world in the past several years. When someone seeks out information or expertise on the internet, one of the first places they look is a site such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or a number of other sites that bring massive amounts of people and information together in a single place.

This infographic gives some basic demographic information about four of the top social networking sites. Deciding your target audience and understanding which platform best reaches that demographic is the first step in deciding which social networking site or sites you may use in developing your brand as an expert. It also describes sites’ features, “secret weapons” for savvy users, the best information to share, and possible drawbacks.

Here you will find the basics for beginning to best put these popular tools to use in best showcasing your expertise to your target audience. The most successful companies and individuals in any field study and understand the importance of social media networking and use it to their advantage, helping them stand out in a crowded business environment. Finding the right social networking platform to reach, attract, and connect with your target audience can make the difference between disappearing in the crowd and achieving your goals.

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