Social networking apps rock the world in many ways. For today, I want to talk to you about a social networking app that has helped me tremendously. For those of you who remember my posts on OnlyWire and Social Marker in my article on SEO Link Building Strategy know how much I value time saving techniques to get the word out on your business. One that I have not really discussed that much until now is is a great syndication service for updating all of your social networks at once. Instead of having to put a post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and over 30 other social networks. You can do one post online and also through the mobile app through your phone as well. This is a great way to broadcast your business to everyone.

Additionally, they recently added RSS feeds to send all of your posts to multiple sites. An RSS feed stands for Real Simple Syndication. This blog has an RSS feed and whenever I make a post it automatically gets posted to all of my social networks. The amount of additional traffic that I get from a social networking app like Ping and also Onlywire and SocialMarker is huge. It doubled my traffic in one month once I did this.

Actually the RSS feed is the reason that I started to use Ping again. I had started using it about two years ago, but had other services that allowed me more featurability. It was not until April of this year that Ping finally started to allow feeds. It is a lot smoother than some of the other syndication services also. Take advantage of these changes on Ping and get the word out about your business.

Ping is a social networking app that makes your world easier. Instead of having to go from site to site to add to your business you can one social networking app that does everything for you.

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