Social networking and cats. What do they have in common? Absolutely nothing, and at the same time everything. Looking at the video below you will notice two things.

  1. Using the word social networking is a tremendous ploy for this soon to be viral video, with your help of course, to be on the first page of Google for the word “social networking”. Let’s keep this our super-duper, ultra secret not so secretive secret quiet.
  2. Observing the cats in the video will show you how we all secretly want followers to our blogs, and enjoy the fact when people (or in this case cats) actually pay attention to what we do on a regular basis it inspires us to do more.
  3. Actually add a little extra, such as noticing that I said two things above. This is your bonus feature. The ability to create interesting, engaging content (such as I am sure you will agree this is when you Retweet it to your followers and share it on Facebook) can be one of the hardest things to do. That is why having two cats at your beckon call to observe their whims and ways is a tremendous tool for gauging human behavior at it’s primitive best.

Social Networking And Cats

Now that you have enjoyed this video, please take a moment to think about this simple video’s application to engaging your prospects, so everyone benefits.

The cats were intrigued by an object my wife swung back and forth. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.Finally, I got to shoot this video to share with everyone here. OK, so maybe you lost out by hearing my rant about social networking and cats, but everyone else won.

So, let me know how you use social networking to engage your audience. Do you have a string to pull in your prospects? Or maybe you have another toy that your prospects want to play with. I have been sucked into a product or service countless times, because I wanted to play with the cool, shiny new toy. Tweet Adder, Lujure, and Traffic Geyser come to mind right away. Or perhaps the amazing lure was a video you shot with cats and posted it to a number of different social networking sites.