This week we are going back to school for Social Networking 101. I wanted to go back to the basics. That is why I decided to go through Social Networking 101 with everyone on this blog. Who better to teach you social networking basics in a week that is back to school for kids than a former teacher?

social networking 101It has been a long time since I went through on this blog how to set up profiles and other basic steps that you need for a successful social networking experience. This way, I figured those readers who have just started to read this blog can get caught up with what they need to do and also those who are veteran schmoozers can get a return to the basics as well in Social Networking 101!

For that very reason, we are going to cover the basics of the five essential food groups of social networking: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and WordPress.  Between these five goliaths, people should be able to find at least one social networking site that fills their business needs. Note: If you like another network because it makes you money continue to use that network.

Social Networking 101 Course Outline

These will all be brief introductions on how to use social networking on these sites to increase your base of business. A supplement to that is the free videos series that we offer when you sign up to blog mailing list. In the meantime, gear up for an exciting adventure as we go through the different modules for social networking 101.

If you have additional questions about how to use social networking to grow your business, then schedule a free consultation session with me below.