As we enter the new year, let’s take a look at the social media trends 2011. Getting an idea of where social media is going in the next year will help you understand how to build your business in the upcoming year. Here are three social media trends in 2011 that you will want to be part of to build your business.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a growing field. One of the big trends is the increase in text message marketing. Smaller businesses are using this to increase the amount of repeat business from their base. Additionally, sites like MobAd are doing for mobile search what Google PPC did ten years ago. They are making it easier to drive massive amounts of traffic from smartphones around the world.

Share Friendly Content

The term viral marketing has been out there for years. However, viral marketing in the past year has taken on a new meaning with the new social media sharing options. Ten years ago, people would share great content through email. Next came social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Delicious, and Stumbleupon. Now, you can get your content out through Twitter and Facebook in a matter of seconds to thousands and sometimes millions of people every time you put out content making the possibility for your content going viral on a regular occurrence.

Social Media Marketing Integration

As social media marketing becomes more and more an accepted part of marketing, social media will become integrated more closely with other marketing strategies. This means that we will not just talk about getting on social media to build our business, we will be talking about how social media fits with TV ads, public relations, and direct marketing campaigns. The combination of social media with these other forms of marketing just means that social media marketing will get more sophisticated and important to business.

Social Media Trends 2011

As social media became mainstream in 2010, it will continue in the upcoming year. Social media will continue to be a big influence on business in the upcoming year, so take advantage of the social media trends 2011 by getting your business in alignment with the topics listed above.