The Social Media Toolbar of the century has arrived. Without a hint of overt exaggeration, no degree of hyperbole intentionally intended, you can now get the coolest Social Media Toolbar of all time. We actually used the Alexa Toolbar creator to create a social media toolbar for the schmoozer devotees. All one point five of you now can go around the internet and never too far from hearing about the lastest and greatest social networking updates. I spell out one point five, because it makes the number seem even that more amazing!

Good times indeed!

Social Media Toolbar Download Instructions

So, what type of Social Networking Schmoozer would I be if I did not give you step by step instructions setting up this social media toolbar on your site. By the way, this only works on Firefox and Internet Explorer. Sorry to all the Chrome, Safari, and mobile readers. The instructions below are install based upon my install on Firefox.

First, click on the button below to download the toolbar:

Second, Hit install toolbar on the site that pops up.

Third, Accept and Install the new toolbar.

Fourth, make sure to allow the update

Fifth, You need to restart your computer.

Sixth, Make sure it is set up on your browser.

Seventh, Let the magic happen! Explore the world of schmoozing and dive in head first to my Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, and other cool pages. !

Social Media Toolbar

For those of you looking to create your own Social Media toolbar go to the Alexa Toolbar Creator in order to create your own. It only takes about 5 minutes to do and is very simple. Just make sure that you have the URL for your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feed.

The one downside at the moment is that the Facebook button is down currently, so you will have to add that in later.

Once you are finished, let me know what your toolbar looks like! In the meantime, enjoy the greatest social media toolbar of the century.