MLM Marketing Social Media Strategy Week continues. Today I want to discuss how to use social media for network marketers. Network marketing is a growing business, as many people are joining the ranks of network marketing companies, because of the opportunities that exist in these businesses.Let’s take a look at the top 3 strategies for using social media to build your network marketing company.

1. Use Twitter and Facebook to build connections between prospects and and yourself. Social Networking is all about making connections online that can help your business grow. You do this by being human and building relationships.  You will be amazed at the variety of people that you can meet on these two sites alone. The variety is staggering. Connect with people today online and tomorrow they might just become your down line.

Update 3/26/12: You might want to also consider the connections you can make via LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

2. Be visually appealing to your audience. Do you use photos and videos to show off your products? You should. One of the best ways to engage customers today is through video and photo sharing. Video sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, and Blip receive massive amounts of traffic and they allow you to engage with your network in a way that is not always possible through text.

Ever heard the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words? Then think about how much a short video can be to your business. Every day as you look to promote your products and build your network you need to devise strategies to interest and retain prospects and clients. Using video and photo is a great way to keep them involved on a long term basis with your information.

3. Create a blog to provide quality information about your product and services. Additionally, discuss the opportunity for them to join your business occasionally and turn your readers into your downline. Blogging is a great long term investment in your network marketing business, because it will provide a hub for people to examine what you are working on from the products to the opportunity. This is where you discuss the benefits of network marketing.

Additionally, it is a great place to teach your current downline more about the business and the events that take place in your company. Update it regularly with training content and it will allow your network to expand faster as people can now go to your blog to find the answers to their questions that they normally would have found by calling you.

4. Bonus! Use Skype to make weekly training calls with your team. That way you can get everyone on the same page with product development, training, and maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA). Additionally with Skype you have the ability to connect worldwide with people for free (when everyone has an account).

Learn to use social networking as a communication tool. Especially, in an industry like network marketing where your network can be spread out across the country and the globe, having the right communication tools in place will make a huge difference in growing your downline. Having the right social media strategy will be a tremendous benefit to your company and yourself.