While this might be a layup to convince those online that they need to use social media, I think it is still vital to include here on social media strategy week. Some internet marketers have only recently, reluctantly started to use social media. Others have embraced social media full on and included social media strategy as an integral part of their internet marketing strategy.So let’s take a look at what will help all internet marketers more effectively use social media to increase their business.

1. Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your website  and is also a tremendous relationship builder.  Even better use Twitter also to promote the educational videos and articles that we will talk about in later methods and you have  the opportunity to engage people with amazing content about your latest and greatest methods of attracting visitors to your website, putting money in people’s pocket, gaining the health benefits you always wanted, and the list goes on.

Whatever you are promoting there is a viable group on Twitter listening and waiting for your amazing information. Do your best to stand out from the crowd and be different in order to optimize traffic to your blog and/or squeeze page. Remember: There are 50 million Tweets everyday that you have to compete with, so make sure to be authentic, entertaining, and informative in order to get the most out of Twitter.

2. Video is also another proven and effective method of driving traffic to your website. Video sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Blip, and others are becoming a staple of finding engaged viewers and prospects. Then once you have accomplished this you start to find more interested prospects who stay longer at your website and also have a better understanding of your business, because they saw a video on what you do and how you have accomplished your goals.

3. Article Marketing is the third method that I would like to discuss with internet marketers today. Article marketing is great on sites, such as Ezine Articles, HubPages, Helium, and other sites where you provide free content to demonstrate your understanding of your industry. Becoming an authoritative source is crucial to your business.

4. Email marketing does not always fit in with social networking, however, I feel it is important to discuss here briefly. Make sure that as you are building your networks on other channels that you have a way to stay in touch with your database. You will meet a number of people and just in case you can not communicate with everyone at once make sure that you stay in touch with them through email. That way you do not have to rely upon one hit wonders, aka people who see your site once and then buy. It generally takes people 7 times to see something before they buy. Increase your odds with a great double opt-in list.

So for those already using the methods listed above keep at it. For those who need some help, you really need to incorporate these aspects into your business, because it is no longer feasible to just throw up some Google PPC and hope that the world is right and your business will take off. Craft a social media strategy to grow your online business.