Ready to peruse some really bad social media memes that I created? No! Why not? They are funny. Oh! You do not know what a social media meme is? Then let me take a moment to explain.

A social media meme are the fun pictures that you see with cats and other funny items with a zingy one-liner. Now, a zingy is something fun and to the point. Probably the opposite of this ramble I just had with myself. Huh! Such is life.

Below are a few Social Media Memes that I created. Please try not to be too harsh on my sense of humor, however, feel free to share away on the social networking sites when you find a meme hilarious. Just link back. Hope that was not too much self-promotion in one post. If it was not let me know, I can add more.

Sexy Social Media Memes

Smart Phone Meme-Aw Shucks! (Yes I used this one before)

Cats And Smart Phones copy

Catching Up On My Reading (Yes I used this one as well before)

Content Is King

Who’s Afraid Of Social Media Now!

Do You Hide In Fear From Social Media!

I might have dated myself with this meme

I Am Too Sexy For Facebook!

Take 1

I Shall Paint You A Picture And Put It On Pinterest!

Take 2

Reddit Anonymous
They So Smart

Two Heads Better Than One

So, which one is your favorite? Do you now know what a social media meme is? Cool! Now it is time to vote on your favorite. Choose one above, and let us know, which is your favorite social media meme.

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