For any successful digital marketing strategy, social media marketing is considered as one of the most important components. But the social media services constantly keep changing their metrics at the back-end which makes it difficult for any online marketer to measure the success of their social media marketing strategy.

social media measurement tools

Businesses that consider SMO need to make the most of the space from where they can get the maximum information and also functionality. Having the know-how of where the maximum opportunities for growth are, makes it easy for people to expand their business. Today there are a number of SMO measurement tools. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer some limited tracking tools.

Once you start delving into social media marketing, you will need a proper SMO measurement platform. Here are some of the best social media tools.

  1. Klout: This is the most effective tool for measuring social media influence.
  2. Social Mention: This is a real time search engine that monitors over 100 properties of social media and can be compared to Google alerts.
  3. Google Alerts: You can set up email alerts in the name of your product, business and also competition.
  4. Google Analytics: This is among the most popular web analytics software that is used by almost half of the websites. It can easily be measured to configure social media traffic.
  5. HootSuite: It is a social media monitoring and dashboard along with a chic iPad application making easy to monitor Twitter and Facebook.
  6. CoTweet: This is also a social media management and monitoring dashboard offered by Twitter.
  7. Marketwire: It is a type of PR distribution service that comes with a social media monitoring service. This is a paid service.
  8. Radian6: This is also a popular SMO monitoring tool that has been acquired by the CRM company This is also a paid service.
  9. Buffer: It is an excellent tool that for scheduling and content creation. With this you can schedule posts to publish at a time that is best for you.
  10. SproutSocial: This tool helps monitors all your social media at one place mentioning the increase in the number of Twitter followers, Facebook fans and also the increase in the number of incoming messages.

Some of these also help manage the workflow and some tools such as HootSuite and CoTweet can help schedule a Facebook post in advance. SMO tools help you measure numerous things such as the number of Twitter followers, fans on Facebook, mention of your company in any social space, YouTube subscribers, etc. Keeping a track of metrics helps you target the visitors specifically to convert them into leads and hence expand your business.

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Johnny Huntington is a web designer in Dubai and working with a SEO Dubai Agency “Traffic“. He likes to blog and writes about social media marketing, blogging tips, web development etc.