The big question most clients ask me after setting up their social media profiles is, “Okay! now what?” The good thing is you probably created a few initial posts on some of your bigger accounts, such as on Twitter and Facebook. The next step is to work on those social media marketing daily tasks that bring you closest to your clients.

Start testing different content on social media. While you do need a plan, nothing will work if you are afraid that one stray post will break your business. Do not be scared, because all you need to do is log on and get a feel for how they work. I had to do this recently when I joined Tik Tok, the video social network. I was not sure how to create valuable social media content for my clients. What did I do? I created a cat video. The information below also lists different ways for you to use each some of the bigger social networks along with a daily action plan at the end to help you navigate your way through social networking.

The number one rule to improve your social media marketing results is you must keep in mind that not everything is about you. I am sure you heard this before in regards to sales and business. Social networking is no different. The more you focus on how to help others, the stronger your relationships will be. At the same time, do your best not to have an underlying reason for doing it. Most business professionals understand you want to grow your business. However, it does not always need to be tit for tat. This is one of the hardest things I learned when I started networking online. Eventually, you can rid yourself of the users and find those who share your view on social networking.

Finally, once you have built a base relationship feel free to request to take it to the next level. There is nothing wrong with Facebook messaging someone, skyping, calling, or even meeting someone you connect with on LinkedIn. That is the point of doing this in the first place.

Social Network Descriptions


A great social network to connect with large numbers of people as you build relationships and also drive traffic to your website. You should post at least one Tweet every day discussing what is going on in your industry, responding to your followers, and also providing information for your customers. To understand some of the Twitter lingo take a look at Twitter Lingo: Tweet Like A Pro

Additionally, you should connect with at least 5 people every day.

Check your @mentions every day. These are public tweets addressed to you. One of the best ways to build your community is by retweeting other people’s comments and replying to your followers’ responses. That is perfectly acceptable, and in some cases encouraged, because those Tweets could be the ones that build up a relationship.


The largest social network on the planet. That means it is very likely that your customers will be on the social network. While they are checking out their feed and seeing what their friends are up to, you can find out where they hang out on Facebook to effectively communicate with them. Connect with at least 5 people every day and make at least one post every day on your fan page. Remember that in addition to creating content, you need to engage with others newsfeed and interesting posts. Additionally, respond to Facebook messages within 24 hours. Facebook messages are the equivalent of email. The twist is that only friends can send you messages. That is one of the reasons why it is as important to make personal connections on Facebook as it is to build your Fan Page. This is the place where you will launch some of your best relationships on Facebook. Finally, once a week take a look at the events that you were invited to and check out whether prospects are attending this event. This way you can merge your Facebook and offline marketing together.


The largest business social networking site devoted to helping business leaders connect. Connect with at least 5 people every day on this network. These new connections can be anything from prospects to networking partners. Over the past few years, they have shifted to focusing on having users create more quality content. LinkedIn articles is a primary example of how content is changing the social network for the better. It is a great way to build trust and authority with your network. Finally, join some industry and professional groups on LinkedIn. A lot of networking and connections are made on these groups. You can even set up your group when you feel more confident in your use of the site. I recommend making it similar to your fan page or group on Facebook.


If you want to connect with a more visually friendly audience, then you need to consider Instagram. The social network is great for those who want to connect with people on their mobile devices and give them a more experiential feel to their networking. When you have great visuals, consider sharing them on Instagram. That way your audience can connect with you on a more personal level.









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Make sure to keep your eye on the ball. Business requires focus. Also, just think I could have shared the image where she was licking herself. #cat #catsofinstagram #catplaytime #business #focus


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While this social network is more like a forum, Reddit can be one of the best and also scariest ways of marketing your business through social media. That is because Reddit can drive large amounts of viral traffic when you provide quality content. However, many of the power users on Reddit are known to be relentless on companies who come off as over-promotional. Therefore, you need to have a strategy that is based on how you can provide the most value. Expect it to take longer due to the restrictions the site has on new Reddit users. Therefore, it will take you longer to gain traction.


The largest video sharing service in the world has become a great place to increase awareness about your services. Get exposures for videos that you create for promotional or informational purposes. Also serves as a video server, so any videos that you want to share online can be stored on Youtube and with the embed and access features you can post this on other sites, such as Facebook, WordPress blog, and your website.


This is a great way to syndicate your content to a new audience. Additionally, you can start blogging on Medium before you start writing on your site. If you are not sure you can stick with blogging regularly then use this as a test site. While you are doing that you can find targeted readers for your content.

Social Media Marketing Daily Tasks

Connect your Twitter account to your Facebook and LinkedIn account, so then you will only need to update one site every day and make it easier for you to stay on top of building relationships instead of finding the words to use on each site. Note: if you have a completely different audience on your social networks then do not connect your accounts. However, if you are using the idea we discuss below of having a highlight blog, video, photo, or podcast every week, then you can definitely benefit from this automation strategy.

You can schedule your posts in advance, so you do not forget to post every day.

Daily Social Networking Marketing Schedule

  • 5 minutes- Respond to your followers and fans and write a post for the day.
  • 10 minutes- Build relationships by connecting with at least 15 people on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn every day. Use Facebook messages and LinkedIn Inbox to create one on one relationships that are a stepping stone to taking the relationship offline. For more information on how to do this check out Taking Your Clients Offline.
  • 15 minutes- Once a week create a short video clip with a webcam, photo of work, or write a short article or blog post. If you spend 15 minutes every day on a larger piece, you should be able to put out a quality piece of content every week.

Social Media Marketing Daily Tasks Final Thoughts

Doing something on social media every day can be a challenge. However, once you get into the groove, you will find a few specific social media marketing daily tasks that boost your productivity and results. If you need help finding the right strategy and execution, then schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me today.