We need votes for the social media logo contest we are holding as part of the Google+ Hangout tomorrow at noon (For details on the hangout click here.) As to the contest, we have all three images below and they need your votes. So, please vote and share this with your friends, circles, followers, and fans. We will announce the winner at the Google+ Hangout tomorrow. Note: today is the last day to submit a logo).

With three logos, we are looking for users to vote on the one they like best. The images are arranged in the order of the voting. So, the first logo we show is Logo 1, the second image is Logo 2, and the third is Logo 3. Once you vote, the image of the logo you voted for will appear. Please vote once, and make sure to tell your friends to visit and vote on their favorite logo as well.

Voting Is Officially Over! We Voted The Second Logo In As King Of Logos For The Community!

Google Plus Community Link

[nggallery id=2]

 Note: The Voting Does Not Work On Google Chrome

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Remember to join us tomorrow for the Google+ Hangout at noon CST.  Thank you for voting on the social media logo contest