Social Media Keyword Research can become a huge component of your social media efforts. Having the right keywords for customers to find is you a huge component of using social networking and can be different from one social network to another. Remember that someone on Youtube will not type in videos as much as they might type in music videos. The reason is that they have

1. Think about your audience. People on Etsy are a completely different group of people from MySpace. You can dominate the keyword Lady Gaga on Etsy without even having to try, but at the same time who on Etsy will even know or listen to Lady Gaga (pop singer for those scratching their heads). At the same time, not many people care about a cross stitch on Myspace, but that could be a popular search term on Etsy (embroidery technique for those still scratching their heads). It is important to understand the differences between an Etsy versus a Myspace in order to get the right keywords.

2. Use Social Media Searches to determine how many people actually check out a keyword and what they are talking about when they describe the keyword. For example, Twitter Search is one of the best ways to get an idea of what everyday people are talking about on Twitter. Trending Topics on Twitter is huge, because thousands of people can find out what you are discussing online on the new and hot topic. Do a Twitter search to determine whether people are discussing the keywords you are interested in right now. If your keyword looks like a old west ghost town it is time to look to use other words to describe your post.

Additionally, use keyword research from sites like Youtube keyword research to determine how many people actually type in a certain keyword on Youtube every week. It is a great way to determine traffic numbers for your new video.

3. “If it does not fit, you must acquit!” OK! So your social media keyword research is not as vital to your life as OJ Simpson’s glove was. However, when your keywords do not fit with the rest of your sentence then you must not include it in your content if it does not. “Barbi dreamhouse” might be a great word, however, you do not see me using it as part of my keywords(maybe I should just for the fun of it). Instead, you will see my keywords relate to social media and business development. Users allow only so much craziness on social networking sites from businesses promoting their products. Do not step to far over the line.

Now that you know three strategies for using keyword research in social media also take into consideration why this should only be part of your online marketing efforts. Do not focus as much on the keywords as connecting with potential prospects and helping them with their challenges. No amount of keyword research will make up for a lack of good service.