We are having a social media hangout this Friday, January 4th at Noon CST. Wanted to invite everyone to join us for the first ever hangout on Google Plus. This event is being hosted by the Social Media Community on Google Plus.

Overview of the Event

Who: Hosted By Social Media Community

When: January 4th, Noon until 1 PM CST

Where: Google Plus Hangouts

What: The Hangout Overview Of Events:

First, we will have a quick introductions of people who attend. This is our chance to connect with each other.

Second, I will be discussing how to effectively use social media in the New Year. Will do my best not to be boring. For those who have seen my live presentations, unfortunately there will not be any juggling. Does not transfer over well on Google Hangouts.

How: Click Below To Join The Event:

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Looking forward to seeing you at the hangout on Friday!