I think the buzz word this year is social media guru. Here is my reason why. Every day there is a new social media guru training people on how to use Twitter and Facebook to build their business. It is kind of funny if it was not so scary. For example, I ran into a social media guru the other day that told me that they are training companies how to use Twitter for their business. I admire people who go out in the world to make their mark by showing people what they have already learned. My challenge is that I am not sure how this lady will show anyone how to gain business, when she just started to Tweet last month and has a grand total of 20 followers. How do you show someone how to find prospects effectively on Twitter to get new business when they only have twenty followers. To me, that seems ridiculous.

So, I know I don’t want to define social group, media guru, but I feel this might be a fun little exercise. So let’s take a look to see what we could do to define the term social media guru.

First they must possess an error that says they know everything. You know that person, the one who is the know it all. “Trust me, I know what I’m talking about,” they will say, as they begin to show you everything that you should be doing that is incorrect.

Second, they will use fancy charts and graphs to hide their inadequate knowledge of the subject know how. They do their best to demonstrate how a factor increase in X correlates with how well they are doing on twitter and how many clients they are signing up this week. Do not be fooled by statistics. Instead look at the principles that someone wants to teach you to see if they are valid.

Third, the guru is someone who will not show you all the secrets to using social media content, except for the really important information, which comes in at the next step when you pay them an additional $5000. A lot of people think their time is money. In reality, your time is money when you provide someone something of value. I sing very poorly, as indicated by previous video blogs. I do not charge people for this singing, because my time is in the enjoyment. If I were Lady Gaga or Frank Sinatra then I would have something of value to receive money in exchange for my time. Give someone value, and they will pay you as much money as you want. Give someone little value, and your time will be worthless.

So are there good gurus? Sure, but that is not what they will call themselves. They will consider themselves teachers, counselors, and friends. I recommend you look for look for a teacher, look for an adviser, but most importantly look for someone who has experience in an area that you lack expertise. That is why I laugh, and almost cry when I hear someone who has just begun their journey on Twitter is going to teach others. Learn how to use it, and then you will provide value so others will want to learn from you.