Ever get that feeling that you should do something with social media, but have the social media freeze. That is when you freeze in place long enough for everything to turn back to normal, and people to stop pestering you about this social media stuff! Kids these days and there darn social media!

To all those who have that overwhelming feeling of social media freeze I get it! The terrifying moment that you actually have to step out of the darkness and put yourself at risk for saying something stupid on the internet vacuum is the moment you exit your comfort zone. I can also say do not fear, because I have probably said more stupid things through social media than most. I have not imploded, exploded, or disintegrated into a pile of ash. I had a few people ridicule and tell me they would never work with me, but I sort of thought that was a benefit.

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That is exactly why it is so crucial that you avoid the social media freeze! You need to stand up and make sure that your voice is counted. That is what makes social media amazing. We all have the power to transform, so get up from your couch, unless you write better from there, and start letting people know about your passion and how it will change the world.

Despair not! We have all had social media freeze! Here are three quick steps to reclaim your social media abilities.

  1. Do something else uncomfortable today! It helps you forget the social media stuff.
  2. Just log onto a social network. Just like you do not have to work  out right away, you can log on today to see what it is about and get a feel for social media.
  3. Breathe! As long as you can do that, I am sure Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Myspace will let you into their exclusive club.

Now, get over that social media freeze and go do the social media stuff that will help your business.