In today’s business world, Social media has certainly made its strong presence felt. It continues to influence not only the business tycoons themselves but also the current and potential customers. Unlike the traditional media platforms, social media is very powerful especially now that information technology continues to evolve.

The Development of Social Media

Long before social media has become what it is today, wise businessmen have already started to launch their online endeavors wherein they were the only ones who have sole control over their messages. Communications were limited to email link or on the contact form of the website; comments and reviews were not yet that popular; and “going viral” meant forwarded emails. Only a few individuals participate in online forums and search engines were not yet that efficient.  As you can see, communication between business and consumers was limited to a certain extent.

Early social media sites attempted to create public awareness, but with only a few bold adopters, they were not able to convey the message to their target market. Promotional activities were not yet that widespread and consumers are after the appearance of commercial intent. This still holds true in today’s social media sites; to achieve its purpose of getting public interest, content must have the “it” factor to claim the top spot in the industry. Social media marketing has completely changed the scenario as individuals are now given the power to lead the company’s marketing drive.

Social Media has really changed the business

Undeniably, business landscape has changed for the better by social media nowadays. Facebook for one has played a major role to extend the market of some companies. With millions of users worldwide, those companies who adopted social media have greatly benefited from it. This revolutionary media platform has significantly enhanced the company’s overall performance, strengthened its good position in the industry and managed to extend their scope beyond boundaries. With the way social media is heading, companies that have adopted it have a huge advantage over those who have not.

Social Media’s success

Kudos to those individuals behind this social media for a job well done. It has truly served its purpose, actually overachieving beyond expectations in such a way that the conventional media has almost lost its power. With the latest developments in social media, companies embracing it will definitely go places. Aside from Facebook, other social media sites like Twitter and Digg are making businesses seem personal though in reality, their connections are purely digital.

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