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Since the webinar that I was going to do last week was on the same day as the largest internet blackout in the history of the internet I decided to do a re-do. Therefore, I am holding another webinar this coming Wednesday January 25, 2012 at noon and seven PM again.

That is correct! If you put some type of black paper over your site and forgot to attend then I will be holding another webinar this coming Wednesday.  Note: I was just kidding about the black paper.

Learn more below about the FREE, yes, yes,I know. I said the magic word, Free webinar this upcoming Wednesday.


Learning how to use social networking can be extremely stressful. At least it used to be until Social Lately created a new method for creating amazing contacts, referral partners, and clients.

Social networking can actually help you find referral partners and clients when done correctly.

Learn more by attending this free webinar Wednesday January 25th at noon and again at 7 PM hosted by Andy Nathan from AndyNathan.net and Josh Alexander from WPSitePress.com.

Discover how you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, and other social networks quickly and easily to find new business.

To Register For The Event Click on The Very Demure Image Below:

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