Social Networking is nothing new. Instead, social networking has shocking parallels to times in our past like the Wild West. In fact, the difference between sitting around a fire and the incandescent fire is slim. As you will see below, we have not developed new social skills. Instead, we have modified them for the technology we created.

The Slideshare I created a few months ago on social networking is nothing so shocking that we abandon a new method of communication. For those who argue social networking is the downfall of technology, I encourage you to throw out your pens and destroy your rotary telephones. They too were once the scourge of communication across the world. A scandalous device, so devoid of passion and human interaction that they would be abandoned at all costs.

While the need for face to face communication is still strong, and needed in a lot of cases. The use of social networking brings people around the world together like never before in history.  That is what social networking is about the combination of our history for communicating with others. The technology enables us to spread our ideas like wildfire.

For me, this point can not be emphasized enough. It is why I have brought this up a few times in my blogs history.

Sitting Around The Incandescent Fire

So, you have seen the proof in the pudding so to speak. What do you think? Have you sat around the incandescent fire of social networking.