If you have a band that currently does not have too many fans, then there are a couple things that you should know. It may seem pretty hard to show a decent set of fans, but with the right advertisement and exposure, you will then be able to be just as popular as every other band out there. Twitter is known for being one of the most popular social media websites in the world, and the reason to this is that millions of people sign on Twitter everyday. Twitter is a great website to advertise and reveal your band to the world, as people in different countries will get to know your band. Though it may be pretty tough to promote an unknown band on a social media site like Twitter, at least other people will get to find out about your band.

Simple Tips on How to Promote Your Band on Twitter

– Create a Fan Base

New bands can actually create or even expand their fan base on Twitter, allowing more people to find out about the band. All you need to do is interact with different bands or artists that need the same support as you to follow your account in return of you following theirs. On Twitter, you need to meet as much people as you can, and since your band is not as popular as you wish right now, you need to interact with other artists to follow your account. The more artists and bands you meet, the more exposure your band will get. Make sure to also interact with artists and bands that already have their own set of fans, because they could true promote your band to their fans.

– Giveaway Free Tracks for a Follow/Tweet

Make sure to giveaway free tracks to those that are interested in hearing your music. However, do not giveaway any of your tracks unless they have either followed your bands fan page or Tweeted the band name. The more exposure you are getting from random people around the world, the faster your band will get noticed by people. You never know that the person you give a free track to is related to a popular music producer. The more you get your band’s name out to the public, the more people will get interested in hearing your music. Getting a band noticed is a process, because at first no one may even want to hear your music, but once a couple set of people do, they will start spreading out your band’s name.

– Be Friendly

Be friendly to everyone that may seem interested in hearing your music, because if people feel an ounce of rudeness on any of your Tweets, they will not want to waste their time listening to your music. Some bands tend to gloat a bit on their Tweets even if they don’t have many fans yet, this causes most people to lose interest in the band. So, be humble and friendly to everyone that could become a possible fan, because with their help, your bands name will be able to spread like wild fire.

– Offer Free Concerts

Offer free concerts, because there are plenty of people that would want to hear free music at a concert. The great thing about offering free concerts is the people that do come even bring friends, meaning more people will be able to hear your music. Invite as much people as you possibly can to your free concert, and you will be shocked on how your band will become popular. Make sure to also follow schools, because they may need a band to play for a school dance or party.

– Host Contests

On your band’s Twitter account, try to host contests like by giving away a cell phone or gadget. For those people to join those contests on Twitter, they will need to follow and Tweet your band’s name. This happens to be great promotion for your band, and whoever wins the prize should receive a free track or one of your albums.

With the simple yet effective advice above, your band will then receive the promotion and exposure it needs.

About author:

Trisha Evans is fashion shopping, blogger, and artist that has gained a great knowledge on how to promote music on social media websites. She writes for “Keitas” online shop that has dozens of followers on various Social Media sites.